Kemakta Konsult AB offers high level technical consulting services in contaminated land and waste management. We have 40 years of experience in solving environmental and nuclear waste management challenges both in Sweden and abroad through consultancy and research and development projects.

  • Concrete leachate modelling in a deep level repository. Click to read more about barrier degradation and similar modelling projects.

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We have noticed that malicious e-mails are being sent from what looks like Kemakta addresses.

The e-mails usually have the header "FYI" and contains a PDF file with a link to what looks like a Dropbox page where one is asked to submit his/her password.

These are so-called phishing attempts and the e-mails should be deleted or ignored! We are looking into why the e-mails seem to be originating from us and apologize if they have caused any problems.
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